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The battle of Hogwarts had been intense and those loyal to the Dark Lord had taken plenty of losses. But at the end of the night, most of the defenders in the castle were killed, including the Potter boy. Some defenders had been captured instead, and Bellatrix had been delighted to find out that the Granger girl had survived with minor injuries.

The mudblood had been among the spoils divvied up among the victors, and Bellatrix had wasted no time in snapping up the girl for herself. Truth be told, Bellatrix had always had a slight fascination with the Granger girl. Mudbloods were supposed to be stupid and unworthy of magic, and yet this one seemed quite capable.

It was obviously a fluke, and either way, Bellatrix was quite looking forward to bringing the mudblood down a peg or two hundred now that the mudblood was solidly in her grasp once more. Oh yes, Bellatrix had big plans for the mudblood. Although she had broken many, many prisoners in her time, she had never really had the opportunity to piece them back together. Bellatrix was quite curious to see what she could turn this bookish, prudish, moralistic mudblood into now that she had the girl at her mercy.

Torture, isolation, and humiliation were great tools for grinding a person down, but could they also build them back up once their past selves had been stripped away from them? Bellatrix and the mudblood would find out together. Bellatrix had put the mudblood in a Full Body-Bind Curse once the girl had been transferred into her possession. Some might have lazily stopped there, thinking that was all that was necessary to keep a prisoner secured.

But Bellatrix believed in being thorough. She also wrapped the mudblood in conjured ropes before taking her along with Side-Along Apparition, and as for further efforts to keep the mudblood from talking But don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to learn how to behave. All the time in the world, in fact. A moment later, two female house elves appeared in the room with a loud crack.

They immediately knelt in front of Bellatrix, as they had been taught. Proper obedience was always nice to behold, and Bellatrix was quite keen to see if she could instill the same level of obedience in the Granger girl.

Burn those filthy clothes she's wearing and bring her up to my room when you're done. The house elves disappeared from the room with a crack, using their own brand of magic to take the bound Granger girl along with them. A few moments later, Bellatrix smiled as she heard a muffled shriek of surprise from outside the manor.

So they had remembered to bathe the mudblood with freezing water as Bellatrix had told them to earlier. Very good. Bellatrix sat down on her bed and waited impatiently for the Granger girl to be brought before her. Although it took too long for her taste, eventually, the house elves dragged the mudblood inside her room and deposited the girl in front of Bellatrix before vanishing. The mudblood was naked and shivering, even through the weakening effects of the Full Body-Bind Curse. Bellatrix was amused that the house elves hadn't removed the pair of black knickers that had been wedged into the mudblood's mouth for hours now.

If you're a good girl, you'll get a warm one next time. Bellatrix straddled the mudblood on the bed and closely inspected her. Now that the Granger girl had been healed and scrubbed clean, she looked prettier than she had when Bellatrix had first claimed her. That was good. Next, Bellatrix looked down at the mudblood's breasts.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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AU - Hogwarts has a secret purpose: increase the magical population by breeding the most powerful witches and wizards. Hermione, Harry, and their friends learn about the real reason behind the pureblood supremacy agenda, and now they have even more reasons to fight.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is a fantasy story for entertainment, the author does not condone any activities described herein. Hermione howled, trying to lure the werewolf away from her previous self. As soon as they heard his paws on the leaves of the forest floor, Harry turned and led the way as they ran to escape.

Remus gained on them rapidly as they dashed through the underbrush towards the clearing they'd left Buckbeak in. Then, disaster struck as Hermione's skirt caught on a thorny bush and ripped, sending her tumbling to the ground as her skirt and panties were torn off.

Moony rushed through the forest, following Hermione's scent. Remus had realized what the wolf wanted as soon as he smelled her and was desperately trying to hold back, but it was no use. Without the potion, the wolf was too strong. Mooney smelled a compatible female and was intent on making her his mate.

Hermione frantically scrambled in the wet leaves in an attempt to regain her footing, but she only managed to get on her hands and knees before the wolf burst through the thicket right behind her.

Hermione screamed and tried to crawl away as the huge animal pushed his nose between her legs and began licking her exposed vulva. Even in her terror, the warm pink tongue sliding over her labia sent a shiver of pleasure through her and Hermione felt a gush of liquid flood her vagina in response. Then Moony mounted her, pushing her shoulders to the ground as his front paws wrapped around her waist. The long red phallus pierced her maidenhood and penetrated deep inside Hermione as Moony's paws pulled her hips back into his loins.

The wolf immediately began humping her ferociously as his cock continued to grow.

Tears rolled down Hermione's face as she felt the burning sensation of her vagina stretching to accommodate the large canine penis.

She could feel the blood from her torn hymen drip down her thighs every time Moony withdrew. The wolf's penis lengthened with every stroke as the mating continued, and soon was long enough to bump against Hermione's rubbery cervix. She was at the peak of her cycle and the thick mucus plug had melted the day before, leaving her womb open and vulnerable to insemination.

Ripples of instinctual pleasure surged through Hermione as Moony fucked her from behind. This can't be happening! She thought as she felt his penis sliding in and out of her vagina. I've just lost my virginity to a wolf! Werewolf I mean, ow he's so big!

hermione dog lemon

When was my last period?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Hermione Granger stumbles on a diary of an old Hogwarts student, but unlike Tom Riddle's diary from years ago, this one leads Hermione on an adventure where she'll be treated to multiple orgasms and unimaginable pleasure. Eighth-year Hermione Granger is ready to let loose, and without a boyfriend around to help, she follows the diary's instructions and sets off for the lake.

Little does she know that as she's enjoying herself with one of Hogwarts oldest inhabitants, she's being watched. Hermione is about to enjoy an affair with the most unlikely person she could imagine, but when he shows her how to unlock the sexual vixen she had hiding inside of her, will she be tempted to hide herself again, or will she find herself in the endless orgasms that change her very soul.

Hermione needs to let off a little steam during her fifth year, and ends up with a little more assistance than she'd originally planned. Even with her wand hand free, Hermione couldn't actually use any incantations because her mouth was full of tentacle Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation.This all happens from 7 pm on a Friday night to 7pm on a Saturday night.

Hermione reminded herself to hex Seamus soundly when she got the chance. The light was beginning to fade from the sky and she picked up her pace as she trudged up the path from Forbidden Forest. She was ticked off at Professor Snape for ordering her to collect a sample of the wild sneezewort growing there.

Didn't he know that she had better things to do than pander to his silly research ideas about Befuddlement Draughts? The evening spent gathering the smallish leaves wouldn't have been so bad if she could have been comfortable while she was doing it. But, no, she didn't have that luxury because Seamus, the great prat, had decided to go on a knicker raid and had taken every single pair from their dorm.

She'd been in the shower at the time, so she couldn't even cast a cleaning spell on the pair she'd worn earlier and reuse them. The wool of her skirt had worn at her bare bottom, pulling across her skin in strange ways when she knelt to pick the leaves, causing her much embarrassment and blushing even though there was no one to see her. A cool breeze swept in from the lake and swirled under her robes. Her skirt flew out from her bottom first and then her front.

She grabbed frantically at the front of her robes to ease her discomfiture and felt her cheeks flush a deep crimson. When she got her hands on Seamus… Her legs brushed swiftly back and forth, and she tried to ignore the coolness of her skin from the evening air. She didn't want to think about how the movement of her thighs and the feel of her bare skin rubbing this way and that made her even more aware of what lay down there and that it was uncovered for anyone in the world to see. The rubbing had, in addition to causing her great embarrassment, had made her feel strange, like there was an incessant tingling in her nether regions.

She felt slick in a way she had only felt when she had let Harry, Draco, Sirius, and Remus—all on separate occasions, mind you—take certain liberties with— 'Woof! Fang apparently mistook her words and delay for an invitation to play, because he came bounding straight toward her, wagging and woofing all the way. She shrieked and dodged him once, "I don't have time for this, Fang!

Hermione Dog Lemon

Her breath left her lungs with a great whoosh and she landed on her chest with her legs sprawled. His huge paws pinned her robes awkwardly as she tried to get up. A glob of drool hit the side of her neck and she attempted to bat him away, "Get off, Fang! Her robes and skirt flipped up and bunched up between her back and Fang's wide chest. She struggled to move, but it only caused her robes to tangle tighter about her and hike the skirt up even further.

Hermione attempted to free the edges of her clothes from under the dog's paws, "Move! She knelt down, raising her bottom in the air, to get a better purchase on her pinned sleeves.

hermione dog lemon

Fang was panting on the back of her neck and wagging his tail so hard his entire backside was waving back and forth across her hips. The coolness of the air and the stifling warmth of the dog above her were almost more than she could bear.

Something warm, wet, and blunt nudged the cleft between her cheeks. Hermione snapped her head around. She was sure her heart skipped a few beats when she saw that Fang's penis had slipped out of its protective sheath. Her fingers spasmed and ripped up a few blades of grass. It was bigger than anything she'd ever seen before, at least twenty-five centimeters from the blunt tip to the huge knot around the base. The red surface gleamed when Fang began to move his hips against hers.

He grunted and she squealed, feeling the thing slide up the furrow of her arse and squeeze between the small of her back and his belly. The fluid from the leaking tip smeared over the mound of her buttocks and began dribbling down the backs of her thighs. Hermione wanted to collapse into a sobbing heap, but she knew that would lead somewhere completely unacceptable and she couldn't let that happen.I don't anything related to Harry Potter and I make no profit from publishing this little tidbit.

Theodore Nott scowled as he sat down on his rump, carefully sweeping out his tail. He'd sat on it before, and it wasn't pleasant. He let out a doggy sigh and looked around this strange room—figures the first time he was in a girl's room and he was in his animangus form.

Ah well. He let out a growl and tossed his head, making good on the intent to investigate. So he sniffed around, nosing at things that maintained his curiosity and peering under her bed and in her closet and taking stock of everything he was learning.

Hermione Granger was neat, of course, but with his sense of smell he learned more than a casual glance would. Yes, she did spend a lot of time at her desk, but not at the school tomes so neatly stacked.

hermione dog lemon

Rather she wrote in a diary, and was spending some time constructing her own spells—Brilliant and a bit more emotional than others expected. Her closet smelled like rain and mint—he'd nosed in to find that she did own more than those prim uniforms and clothes she sported around Hogwarts. He'd particularly like to see her in a few of those dresses.

He growled angrily as he wondered who did get to see her in those dresses. But they still had price tags attached. The bed was almost covered with pillows, and he nosed in to smell that yes, she slept with all of them. He wondered if she liked to cuddle or if there was another reason. She had the neatest arrangement of shoes parading under her bed too, each tiny and clean.

But she had a lot of them, and he blinked and wondered about it. Then he realized she had a collection of high quality clothes—Granger was upper class.

Didn't his mother always say the shoes made the outfit? Then he turned to the bathroom. There was no cloying scent of perfume or potions, just a hairbrush on the counter. He went to nose into the vanity but heard a noise. He entered the main room, listening. Theo perked up his ears and paced forward. He stared hard at the door, almost willing himself to see through the wood. Theo cringed at the abhorrent nickname, but Hermione huffed and he was appeased.

She didn't seem to like it either. Theo narrowed his eyes and snorted, affronted at the way Weasley was trying to…weasel an invitation. Good night Ronald. The door was pulled open swiftly, and Theo just caught the dumbfounded expression on the ginger's face before Hermione slammed it quite intently. He woofed and padded close to her, wanting to congratulate her on that spectacular brush off the only way he could right now.

Though she did accept his attention, and give his ears a good rub that made him go cross eyed, she didn't seem as victorious. Instead she seemed to deflate and sink into her desk chair, her dark eyes shadowed. Then she sighed and ducked her head so sable curls exploded around her morose face and she started to write in her diary. She absently used her free hand to brush back his fur, and he rumbled out a pleased growl as her fingernails scratched behind his skull.

It was only when a sudden wetness dropped onto his nose that he realized tears were leaking out of her eyes. But she didn't explain or cuddle him, just finished her diary entry and then turned to bed and all those pillows.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation!

Ever since Hermione's encounter with Devil's Snare Hermione begins to explore her sexual interests with Fang.

At least until Hagrid finds out. Ever since Hermione's lips were tight around his cock, Remus had wanted nothing more than to take her apart. Fortunately, he witnesses something which reveals that his feelings are requited When Hermione comes face to face with Fang one evening in the Forbidden Forest - her underwear having been stolen the previous morning - things soon take a turn.

However, as the night goes on, her situation only gets weirder and weirder, and suddenly, Hermione Granger's life begins to change into something different, as she embraces her inner cum-slut.

And she's not the only girl who's in on the action. Fang trod over and rested his muzzle on the edge of the seat. He whined and wuffed, his body agitated, and when Hermione reached out to scratch his ears, he put his forelegs onto the chair and licked her exposed knee. Hermione is taking Fang for walks. For long walks. Walks that end up with her spelling little alcoves just so she won't be interrupted when she gets on her knees for him.

Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3. After his escape from Azkaban Sirius runs into a Hermione Granger in a compromising situation.

Of course Sirius being Sirius he decides to join in. Having broken free from Azkaban Prison, Sirius Black not only becomes an icon among all villainous wizards and witches, but he also becomes a free man.

This tiny dog had the strangest reaction when I snuck up to rescue him! Please share.

Well, in this case, a free canine, often mistaken as a Grim in the wizarding world — a dog that if seen, foretells bad luck and overall… possibly death. Sirius had no time to think of all the details, however. His focus was getting as far away from Azkaban as he could.

The place looked rather average, truly not that magical at all. Life as a dog would be hard, here. Already Sirius finds himself playing frogger with the streets, trying not to get hit. Making it across the street, Padfoot sits on the sidewalk outside the large house and pants, looking anxiously at the traffic. My God… these people drive like mad! Well, well… that does smell rather… good. Padfoot ignores his better conscience and sneaks through the fence posts surrounding the house.

He appears in its back yard where there is a rather large pool and lawn chairs — three of them — lined up next to each other, facing the pool. On one of the chairs is thirteen year old girl with wavy brown hair.

The musk was coming from her. Padfoot slowly stalks his way up to the girl, close enough to where he can hear her speaking. Padfood attempts to move closer, but the sound of a door opening startles him, chasing him out of the fence again. Curious, he sticks his head back in, in awe at what he sees. An older, overweight man, near his thirties approaches the girl, who suddenly takes her hand out of her pants and hangs up her phone, turning her head to the man, almost as if being caught.

The man is pretty well hung for his age and size, approaching the girl and leaning over the back of the chair. The man begins groping and caressing the young girl. Padfoot shakes his head and starts panting as the girl — Hermione — stands out of the lounge chair. It may as well be considered lingerie. Hermione lowers herself to her knees, her bottoms still around her knees.

Padfoot musters all his strength to keep him from dashing into the yard. Feeling his erection harden even more, Padfoot can only watch. Let Daddy soothe your aching pussy before Mum comes home, yeah? Beneath her ass is her swollen, glistening, dampened pussy.

Padfoot begins to thrust his hips, his cock reaching out but grabbing nothing. As he licks faster and faster, he feels a knot forming at the base of his canine cock. Hermione, honey… why not welcome this little doggy to our home, huh? The way Daddy showed you.


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