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All our printouts were set for landscape prior to the upgrade and now the font is much bigger and printing on portrait. Has anyone else had this same issue? Thanks in advance Did you have some custom settings for your printers? Is this happening for all the reports, all printers? I agree with MR on needed to know more about how your writers are configured.

I have setup a few 7. The printer file is draft, page rotation auto. There are no custom printer sessions. There are no overrides or anything, just the defaults. They are printer sessions. By the way, this is not my forte, so sorry if these are vague.

We have an AS admin that is working with some other folks but I thought spiceworks could help too. Thanks for the replies so far! If you adjust the page rotation does it change? I am curious if it is not communicating the settings with the windows print drivers. Also did you upgrade the client installs? So you adjust the parameter and it still prints incorrectly Is iSeries client upgraded on the PC? To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. IBM The line was refreshed in and renamed the eServer iSeries and was again renamed the System i in This generation of midrange servers was phased out into be replaced by the IBM Power Systems range in For businesses interested in upgrading their information processing capabilities there are many options available. However, there are companies that can help. The first option, and often the lowest cost option, is to extend or expand the capabilities of an existing server with refurbished expansion units, increased memory capacity, larger capacity disk drivesand in some cases an upgrade to solid state drives.

These can be bought with installation and support contracts, and may extend the useful life of existing infrastructure. If an existing server has already reached the maximum capacity of hardware and expansion units, the second option is to upgrade to a newer model in the iSeries generation.

The third option is to replace aging servers with a modern model from the Power Systems range. Technology has advanced considerably in the last two decades and Power Systems, especially those with the new POWER9 chipsbring with them a host of revolutionary improvements in server technology. Whichever upgrade option a business chooses, Midland Information Systems can help with advice, support, and hardware. Back Contact Company History. Social Facebook Twitter.Need support for your remote team?

Check out our new promo! IT issues often require a personalized solution. Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Medium Priority. Last Modified: My AS is currently running on V4R5.

I am planning to upgrade it to V5R2. I have never done it before, so I am a little nervous about it. Could you please outline the steps of upgrading it and tell me where I can find the detail. Is it very difficult? Start Free Trial. View Solutions Only. Theo Kouwenhoven Application Consultant. Commented: It's some time ago that I did it myself, but I remeber that there is a good manual that give you step by step information supplied with every IBM release. A big bottle of Coke and a Pizza, because some steps take a while.

Be sure that you have the right version for the right hardware before you start. I'm Sure Dave will add some steps to this Regards, Murph. Not the solution you were looking for? Getting a personalized solution is easy. Ask the Experts. You will find a checklist in this book and every release has a doc of things you must do before you install.

Dont skip any of it or your weekend will be a very long one. Bob Butcher iSeries Engineer. You can actually go directly from V4R5 to V5R2, because we did this about 1 year ago. Read all of the steps that you will need to follow within the book before starting. We normally spend about a month ahead of time pre-planning this upgrade. The key areas to me are backup planning before and after, PTFs, printouts of work management items that might change as a result of the upgrade and allowing yourself enough time to complete this process.

It's been some 14 years since it happened to me, but I had a drive begin to fail during an upgrade once. Ya' never know.

as400 upgrade

That said, system save principles might be: 1.Loosely translated, what current users, jobseekers, and organizations want to know is whether a platform that was introduced in is still relevant today.

Both the hardware and the software have gone through many upgrades, revisions, and name changes over the years. From the beginning, one of the strongest features of this platform has been its upward compatibility. Every two to three years, they release new versions of the hardware and software that feature quantum leaps forward in processing power and functionality.

These companies run the gamut from banks and hospitals to manufacturing and distribution centers to retailers and government agencies. These systems are the unsung heroes.

Preparing for an iSeries upgrade

Not often used for general office functions or employee productivity, they instead handle robust, computing-heavy applications like ERP, banking, or health information systems. It forms the foundation for some of the most powerful servers and operating systems on the market today—Power Systems and IBM i—which are both alive and kicking. Subscribe to our blog or start by checking out these great resources:.

Many of these experienced IT professionals are now nearing retirement. When they do, all their knowledge and expertise will go right out the door with them. But don't worry. This guide shows you what to do when your IBM i talent retires. Subscribe to HelpSystems Blog. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. HelpSystems Blog. Author - any. Bob Luebbe. Carol Woodbury. Chuck Losinski.

Donnie MacColl. Greg J. Heath Kath.

Kevin Jackson. Mike Stegeman.

as400 upgrade

Pat Cameron. Paul Necklen. Per Bauer.

4-Hour IBM i, i5/OS, OS400 Upgrade

Robin Tatam. Sandi Moore.

as400 upgrade

Scott Adams. Tom Huntington. Topic - any. Business Intelligence. Cloud Management. Search blogs for keywords. Clear All.The flexible service processor FSP firmware provides diagnostics, initialization, configuration, run-time error detection, and correction. It is required to periodically update the firmware on the Power Systems server.

Keeping the firmware up-to-date can help in attaining the maximum reliability and functionality from your systems. We will use the View system information option to get the current system firmware information. We will be using this information in IBM Fix Central to obtain information on the latest firmware updates or upgrades available for the system and proceed with the firmware update or upgrade to newer release using the instructions described in the following sections.

Select the system under test, click Updatesand then click View system information to check the currently installed, activated, and accepted levels. This displays the numerical identifier of the engineering change EC that shows the system and GA level. This displays the LIC level that will be activated and loaded into memory at the next system restart. This displays the LIC level that is activated and loaded into memory for example, from a level 5 to level 7. This displays the LIC level that was committed.

This refers to the updates selected on the system. This is the backup level of code that you can return to, if necessary. Generally, this is the level of code on the permanent side p-side. This displays the latest or highest LIC level that contains unactivated deferred updates. This displays the LIC level on which the hypervisor and partition firmware were last restarted.

When concurrent LIC updates are performed, the activated level will change, but the platform IPL level will remain unchanged. Having known the current firmware levels on the system as described in Section 1 and in order to move up to the necessary latest update that is available, we have various firmware update and upgrade methods as mentioned below. Select the one that is appropriate to your requirement. Select the following categories for Power Systems firmware update and choose the appropriate machine type and model of your system to be updated.

As per the example shown in Figure 3. Select the appropriate machine type of your choice and continue. The example in Figure 3.

Users can choose the required Power option for system firmware. Similarly, users can explore other options too. If users are aware of the specific firmware level, then they can select the necessary option directly or select the latest. Choose specific firmware level option as shown in Figure 3. After selecting the respected firmware level, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue, as shown in Figure 3. After logging in, you can choose the download options as shown in Figure 3.

On the page as shown in Figure 3. You can update the firmware concurrently that is, the fixes that can be deployed on a running system without rebooting partitions or performing an IPL within a specific release. Select the Change Licensed Internal Code option for the current release. Click OK to proceed further to the subsequent steps to perform code update. It verifies whether the system is ready for code update by performing the health check and if everything fine, we can proceed further.

The following screen captures show the step-by-step procedure to perform concurrent code update. Firmware updates are usually concurrent.We want to upgrade to Windows I understand IBM is dropping support that's fine.

There is apparently a compliant client for Windows At our company we are building a package for it. IF you can't find that look for Ibm's iAccess alternative it's a java based AS emulator which I have used and it did work. IBM will not support if you have any issues while running the old version, but that does not mean it will not work with win Captain kirk, thank you. We have 6. Question are using 6. Also, what version of excel is running on windows 10? I believe I read that there is is issues using data transfer add-in.

I use multiple sessions of the green screen every day. My boss uses the 'import data to Excel' function weekly. What I cannot tell you is anything about the AS system itself, it is a hosted service and we just connect to it. The following features require IBM i release 6. Toodamax, thank you for the info. It sounds like my client access 6.

But to use that client on Windows 10 may require the upgrade of the OS from 5. If you have the room on the system, you may want to create another LPAR, restore your current system to it and test the upgrade.

To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Thank you for any input.

Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Ghost Chili. Thai Pepper. Captain James T Kirk This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. AdmiralKirk This person is a verified professional. Another issue you could run into is with the OS on the AS If it is hosted by someone else, see if you can get them to upgrade Is there some 3rd party app that has prevented you from upgrading IBM dropped support of v5r3 back in April PM me.

Again, since you are so far back, you may want to get some assistance This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Read these nextA version upgrade or moving to a new server generally takes a weekend. You send us a complete Option 21 Save tape. We have a portfolio of tape drives, so we can read most any format you send us. During the restore process as an added bonus we are also testing your backup process.

Once restored, we start the migration process to move your environment to V7. This process takes us just as long as if we were onsite — about 20 hours, plus or minus 5 hours, depending on a variety of factors. If you are releases behind, this process can take way longer. For companies that run shifts, even on weekends, this is a big plus. No more grueling, sleepless weekends.

Most clients complete their testing between 2 to 4 weeks.

How to Update IBM i ACS Access Client Solutions

When you are satisfied with the testing, we schedule the onsite set up and cutover. We ship in your system. We set up your new system and make sure everything is running OK.

You give us the most recent backup of changed objects since the Option 21 Save, so we can bring your data current. We have done all the testing and flushed out all the surprises before we even come to your location to install your new server.

Hardware Management Console v8 Classic Part1= Intro

What really made the difference was the approach that Source Data takes to migrate the system. We gave them a complete backup and they did all the work offsite. Our production continued to operate and we tested our new system remotely until we were ready to bring it onsite. I have had marathons where I was up all weekend praying the migration went well.

This migration from our to our new IBM Power 7 felt about as close to turn-key as possible. When our new Power 5 arrived onsite, our migration from our to our new took less than 4 hours.

So when my server came on site, we had everything set up in about 4 hours on a Sunday. This is a really big deal! IBM would come onsite for the whole weekend. They would back everything up, do the install, restore it all, and test everything. Of course, there are always bumps along the upgrade road. It was a huge and time-consuming undertaking. And, everything at IBM rates.

as400 upgrade

He then restored the data from our backup done the night before. We were back up after 2 hours.


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